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300 Click for offerBeppe Severgnini, an editorial writer and editor at Corriere della Sera, is a contributing opinion writer. Turkish officials, including the former N.B.A. player Hidayet Turkoglu, who is now a chief adviser to Erdogan, have dismissed his fears.

A Ticketmaster spokesman said the company has no additional comment. Ken DerowSwarthmore, Pa.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKE“Not all of us would be that way, but if you knew her, that’s how she was,” she said in a telephone interview. “She had a very special soul.” Jeanie Kay, a designer on the briefings team, wrote today’s Back Story.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYA survey late last month by the Nikkei Shimbun, an economic newspaper, indicated an even wider generational gap, with three-fifths of those in their 20s supporting the Abe administration, compared with 35 percent for respondents in their 60s. After Ms. Cruz graduated from high school, she got her first job at the center as a group leader. She worked one session, September to June, and was offered one of the limited positions available for the summer session. “It was a privilege,” she said, to be chosen even once. Ms. Cruz worked every fall and summer session for 12 years.

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I hope people start asking more questions about where their wine comes from, how it’s made, how the grapes are grown and how the producers take climate change into account in their production — and make their feelings known through their buying decisions. Apple Podcasts | RadioPublic | Stitcher | Spotify | Google Play

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____ But if it’s just like a little break time in an evening, I’ll just randomly check out what’s on.

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Here are some of the headlines that really capture the meaning of this graph: “Major League Baseball Ticket Sales Come Sliding in!” by Mary of Pensacola, Fla., and “More Tickets, Less Crickets” by Erica and “Tickets Are Out of the Park” by Aden and Nicholas, both from Eden Prairie, Minn. And I’m here!

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Conducting fine performances and maintaining the excellence of musicians and company members are the most essential parts of being a music director. But it’s just as important to shape long-term artistic priorities. Mr. Nézet-Séguin has talked up some enticing commissions and creative initiatives; we will have to wait and see. “Las verdaderas organizaciones delictivas son los políticos”, afirmó Pinheiro Veiga en la entrevista. “Los políticos son los que están robándose todo. ¿A cuánta gente matan indirectamente?”. En este trabajo, el reportero reflexiona sobre el caso, sobre la industria del narcotráfico y la figura de los capos.

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