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300 Click for offerMs. Vidaurri began performing regularly (in 2007 she sang at Ms. Mendoza’s funeral), and in time connected with three other ranchera singers who had grown up in San Antonio and were famous from the 1940s to the ′60s. She and the three women — Beatriz Llamas, Blanca Rodríguez and Janet Cortez — performed together as Las Tesoros de San Antonio, or the Treasures of San Antonio. (They continued to perform after Ms. Cortez died in 2014.) WASHINGTON — President Trump on Monday hosted about 300 guests, including convicted felons, at the White House for the “First Step Act Celebration,” a party intended to bring attention to a rare piece of bipartisan legislation he passed last year, and which he plans to highlight on the campaign trail.

Read more: The best meal kit delivery services of 2019 The main clay-court season is officially underway, and this time around it is particularly unclear how the dust might settle.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEThe episode was amplified on social media on Friday, when one of the students in the teacher’s classroom posted a 23-second video of the performance on Twitter. SEOUL, South Korea — Wildfires fanned by strong winds raged through hills and villages along the northeastern coast of South Korea on Thursday night and Friday morning, scorching hundreds of homes and forcing thousands to evacuate as the government declared a national disaster.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYAnd while her choice of words has caused some of her own Muslim constituents to describe her as anti-Semitic, many American Muslims across the country are worried that the ongoing criticism of Ms. Omar is being motived by racism and Islamophobia, and they are concerned about the broader consequences for their communities, including a heightened sense that they are not welcome in the halls of power. “If you have these low levels, you’re often considered low risk,” said the lead author, Pamela M. Rist, an assistant professor of medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. “But that doesn’t mean you should ignore the other factors that we know are risks for hemorrhagic stroke — hypertension, smoking and so on.”

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Since Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont drove the idea of “Medicare for all,” or a single-payer health system, to the center of the political debate, few other issues have so divided the Democratic presidential candidates and voters. The result has been a cascade of competing assertions, estimates and statistics about the costs and effects of what would amount to a fundamental overhaul of the size and role of the government and the way Americans receive care. The largest is headed by Haitham al-Tajouri, believed to be in his early 30s, who cruises the city in a white G-class Mercedes and posts photos on Facebook of his vacations in Dubai. His habit of wearing labels like Versace or Dolce & Gabbana to the front lines of the battle has become a running joke on Libyan social media. (“Fashionista militia,” one poster called his brigade. “I call dibs on Haitham al-Tajouri’s wardrobe,” said another.)

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Congress created the congressional intelligence committees and passed — and President Jimmy Carter signed — the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Not only did FISA bring most stateside foreign intelligence activities under a legal framework, but it created a special Article III court — the FISA Court — to enforce that framework. The “bargain” was that the executive branch would receive significant power to conduct foreign intelligence activities within the United States, but agree to subject those activities to democratic accountability through congressional oversight and judicial review. Congress and the courts agreed to exercise their oversight and accountability functions largely — if not entirely — in secret. Somehow, despite all those moving parts and all these trips to the trainer’s room, the Yankees swept the lowly Giants during the three-game series, and have won 11 of their past 13 games. Granted, they have played only one team this season with a winning record, the Houston Astros, but even the Yankees’ battered roster and makeshift lineups have been good enough to post a 17-11 record.

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“I believe that the right to housing should be understood to be a fundamental right, a human right, a civil right,” she told a cheering crowd with smartphones held aloft. “Not everyone has figured that out yet, so there’s a lot of work to do to make the point.” Just last year Babe Ruth, Roger Staubach and Alan Page were awarded Presidential Medals of Freedom. Woods will not be the first golfer to get the award; Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus were honored in consecutive years in the mid-2000s, and Charles Sifford, the first African-American to play on the PGA Tour, was honored in 2014. But it is rare for an active athlete to receive the honor.

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Abortion rights groups have started to challenge the new limits, and so far none have actually taken effect. On Friday, the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia filed a federal lawsuit to block Georgia’s six-week ban from taking effect as scheduled in January. Also on Friday, a federal judge blocked a new Indiana law from going into effect; that law, which had been set to go into effect next week, barred a type of abortion used during second-trimester pregnancies. But the remark comes with such a disarming smile and so much charm. “In My Mind’s Eye” — a collection of mini-essays, written one per day over the course of many months — reveals that her writing is just as elegant and erudite, and her mind just as supple, playful, curious, rigorous, humorous and surprising as ever.

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